We can build you something from scratch in any number of popular open source web based application frameworks.

We can also design, build and deploy your website using our Decal CMS product or create a custom SMS gateway application based on our 8centsms.com product.

Agile Web Application Development in Australia

Iain Dooley - Founder of Working SoftwareIain Dooley

Founded Working Software, writes code, talks to people on the phone

I went to The University of Sydney for a few years and studied Mechatronic Engineering and Arts majoring in Japanese.

I dropped out instead of doing my thesis year to focus on writing code and running Working Software. Back then it was just me - but meteoric growth has seen the enterprise expand beyond my wildest imagination to three people!

CMS added imageDavid Grinton

Currently writes in Python, JavaScript, PHP, SQL
Has previously utilised C#, C, Java, Perl, VBA

After a year's misadventure in a BPD transferred to BCS (both at The University of Melbourne) and studied that on and off until graduating in 2008.

Before Working Software, worked at the Health Insurance Commission, now known as Medicare Australia, first typing up claims, then explaining the benefits schedule to various doctors and patients, then overseeing the online claiming process.

Dabbles in freelance programming work occasionally.

Currently wrapping up a three month working holiday in Kyoto, Japan.

Dreams of making a living writing computer games with convincing artificial intelligence and immersive procedurally generated worlds.

Enjoys rock climbing, wandering about in the wilderness, video games and sci fi.

Campbell McGuinessCampbell McGuiness

Makes things look nice, codes HTML, CSS and jQuery, plays music with The Phonies , Entropic and Sketch The Rhyme

I studied Music at the University of Western Sydney from 1998 - 2003. During this time developed my graphic design skills designing posters, CDs, t-shirts and other merchanise for bands. As much as I love music it has never made me much money!

I then worked as a freelance graphic designer for about 5 years, my clients included ABC Science, Live Bait festival, Reellife film festival, Vitamin Records, various local & international bands and small businesses. During that time I dabbled in web design, slowly developing my HTML and CSS skills under the guidance of a few developers including Iain Dooley (Working Software) and Kynan Hughes (DFI International).

In the last 2-3 years I have honed my skills, combining my graphic design experience with my newly found passion for HTML & CSS coding. I now call myself a 'Front End Developer', specialised in hand coding HTML & CSS and creating highly semantic markup and cross browser & device compatible CSS. I have more recently been exploring UI & UX design, focusing on using Javascript to enhance user experience whilst retaining design integrity. I also enjoy developing new solutions to old problems such as the design vs content paradim, templating & grid-based layout systems and the static-to-live design & development process.