A few of the projects we've been involved with recently

Although our primary focus at the moment is on development of our Decal CMS and 8centsms.com products, we're always interested to hear from you if you've got an interesting project or need help with a project that is in trouble.

Level Two Music iTunes Playlist Sharing

The good folks at Level Two Music handle music licensing, branding and production. A huge part of their day involves creating and sharing playlists of various audio and video tracks with their clients.

After struggling along with off the shelf products for a couple of years they decided it was time to get somethingn made to order.

We have built a sophisticated and elegant solution for them that integrates directly with iTunes to maximise efficiency in creating and sharing playlists collaboratively whilst not altering their existing workflow - allowing them to work with all the same tools they're used to on a day to day basis.

Malthouse Theatre Website Redesign

The Malthouse Theatre Website was one of the first ever Decal CMS deployments, however we were only in charge of implementing someone else's website design.

Late in 2010, their new Artistic Director, Marion Potts, wanted an updated look and feel for their website on a shoestring budget. We answered the call by making a very few efficient and incisive design decisions that makes their website fresher, easier to use and simpler to maintain.

You can see a screenshot of their old site here

Decal CMS

2010 saw huge advances in features and stability of our Decal CMS, hosted CMS on Demand (SaaS) product.

The first release of the product is stable and ready for deploying cost effective websites that are great for SEO and very easy to maintain.


In 2010, we released our flagship Web SMS gateway product, 8centsms.com to the public. We believe it's not only great value for money but also the nicest web SMS product we've ever seen.

Send messages to friends, stay in touch with clients or promote your band or event. 8centsms.com allows you to send SMS messages anywhere in the world for just 8c! Now that's what we call Cheap International SMS!

8centsms even has a Mobile Version that makes sending SMS from the web just as easy as sending it from your phone. Check it out from your web enabled mobile phone at http://m.8centsms.com!

Kiss Mobile Web SMS

Our good friends over at Kiss Mobile wanted a cheap and effective way for their customers to send SMS from the web using their Kiss credit.

We helped them integrate the 8centsms.com interface into their website and plugged it straight into their billing system.

We even created a specially branded version of the 8centsms.com mobile website just for Kiss! Check it out at http://m.smskiss.com.au/ from your web enabled mobile phone. Now sending SMS from the web is just as easy as sending it from your phone.