I love it when a PLAN comes together

16 Feb2011

Yesterday I showed the Nokia Plan B site to my friend Chris Langlands from http://www.fastmedia.com/ and he pasted a link to this old photo of a Nokia tyre located at:


and said we should chuck it on "nokiaplanc.com". This was one of those comments that usually goes past in the chat room without anyone doing anything about it but I thought it was pretty funny so I grabbed the domain and set it up:


I put it on Twitter and reddit (where it got one upvote and one downvote and not much more attention) and also Hacker News.

No-one really took any notice and once it fell off the "newest" page on Hacker News with only 2 points I figured it was dead and stopped checking.

Hacker News actually brought it back from the dead, though! Not only did enough people upvote it that it was saved from the depths of the 2nd page on HN but it actually spent a while on the front page and inspired several spin-offs which have been gathered together by @ricardovice and the convenient and hilarious URL:


My personal favourites (in alphabetical order, of course) are:


I think the clip chosen from Plan 9 from outer space is totally the icing on the cake. Well done everyone! Definitely a fun afternoon :)

Most of all, though, I hope this spreads the word for Nokia Plan B! I'm a HUGE fan of my Nokia e72 and I'd love to be able to continue on as the Nokia purist I always have been.

Good luck to the Nokia Plan B team!

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